Message From Nick Vujicic










I was born different
But that doesn’t stop me from living my live
And I’m happy

I love soccer so much and I dont play as well as others, of course
But you know in the world cup, there is so much anticipation and excitement
That ‘stirs up’ in all of us and everybody cheers for this success of their own team.
And you know in all games there is losing and winning,
People who moan over, you know, their team not winning and then people who get so excited when they win
Everybody loves to win but we shall not linger on the difference between winning and losing
At teh world cup, most of the fans around the world will experience the loss of their team.

But is losing failing?
At age 8, I wanted to end my life.
I told my mom I wanted to commit suicide and then, age 10, I actually tried
I felt like no hope to live.
I felt like I was so different to everybody else, and there was definitely no future or hope for me.
If I gave up, thinking that that was the end
I would have missed out on so much more.

Life is life.
There are a lots of successes but also lots of failures and it repeats itself again and again.
Should we really despair every time we go through, you know, a failure?
You are saying ‘oh, now I am a failure for the rest of my life
You see, the stairs right in front of me are a huge barrier and one step at a time is what I have to do
If I never try, I’ll never achieve anything.

If I fall down, what do I do?
I’m gonna try again and again because the moment I give up is the moment that I’ll fail.
It is so important that we don’t despair with the results
That we sometimes don’t anticipate whether it is in the soccer game or life.
So embrace the path your team has taken and believe that they will try again with resilience.
Then you will feel the happiness in life again to be able to enjoy the world cup as a true festival as it is, a celebration.

Failure is not important. How you overcome it is.
Feel the life
Feel the game

(Nick James Vujicic)

*ini teks dari dialog Nick di salah satu iklan worldcup 2010. inspiring banget. bagaimana tidak? ditengah keterbatasannya dia tidak minder, bisa bersyukur, dan bangkit, bahkan menginspirasi orang lain. senyumnya sepenuh hati.

Orang minder itu karena dia lebih sibuk melihat kekurangan versi dia daripada berjuta nikmat, kelebihan yang ada pada dirinya.


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